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Building a Culture of Recovery

As we move into Year 2 of the DuPage ROSC Council, I've been thinking a lot about what we've been able to accomplish in Year 1, and all of the ideas and goals for the coming year. While doing the initial months of outreach, the phrase I would keep coming back to while trying to explain ROSC to shareholders was "recovery culture". What does that mean?

To me it means that recovery from substance use is a community issue, and thus the community should be coming together to try and help people.

It means a DuPage County that not only has robust services for folks, but also low barriers to accessing them.

It means person's with lived experience taking an active role in helping those who are still suffering, offering their experience, strength and hope to those who need it.

It means being loud and proud with our own recovery and making sure we are visible in the community, which helps to break down the deadly stigmas that are still attached to substance use and mental health disorders in DuPage.

It means building a recovery model that does not end when treatment does; we should be working to enhance all areas of a person's life. Staying off of substances alone does not equal wellness.

Most importantly, it means active engagement from people across the recovery continuum. This is a DuPage County program for folks in recovery, so we need folks in recovery in DuPage County to help us build that culture of recovery.

I'm excited for what's to come...

Jarrett Burton

Coordinator, DuPage County ROSC

Person in long-term recovery


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